I am a reasonably interesting gentleman of 48 who can talk intelligently about a large variety of things and who can weave a web of fantasies. Let me tell you what I enjoy, so that you can see if that fits your desires. I love slow and gentle lovemaking. For me the best way to make love is to let the tension slowly build, to create and appreciate the sighs and whimpers that show the contentment of the whole body. I love the sensual, the feel of my hands in hair, on the face, along the body. I love to know I can create and give pleasure and to see that reflected in my lover's voice, moans and movements. I assume she enjoys the same with me, because as much as I like to give pleasure, I adore receiving it in return. When my lover is pleasing me, I let her know with a caress, a smile, a movement or a touch -- not enough to disturb her concentration, but enough to let her know I am thrilled by that concentration. If that stimulates your interest, let's share our delights on the phone. send me e-mail at TAMcCall@Lanyap.com.