The Cistern 
by David Bickerstaff

Programing by David Bickerstaff
and Paul Whittington

Commissioned for Submerged by Bath Festival Trust 
and DA2 Digital Arts Development Agency.

Human beings contextualise 
political and social spaces by 
using text and images to record 
stories, factual data, memories, 
observations and recollections. 

The Cistern is a mutimedia
 installation located in a disused 
cubicle of the 18th-century Old 
Royal Baths, Bath, and comprises 
of a touch-screen computer, 
associated sounds and this website. 

The cubicle adjoins a set of small 
rooms where the viewer discovers 
the computer screen displaying a 
simple map of the Old Royal Baths. 

This is the entry point to the 
digital domain... next