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Art360 Foundation Projects
Filmed and directed
by David Bickerstaff

Shelagh Atkinson
David Bachelor
Michele Charles
Maria Chevska
Adam Chodzko
Jeffrey Dennis
Rose English
Maggie Evans Estate
Ruth Ewan
Rose Frain
Peter de Francia
John Hilliard
Alexis Hunter Estate
John Latham Archive
Liliane Lijn
Rut Blees Luxemburg
Alastair MacLennan
Anne Tallentire
Terry Smith
Sarah Staton
Barbara Steveni
David Ward
Alison Wilding
Edward Woodman
Austin Wright Estate


Jordan Baseman
Hew Locke
Uriel Orlow
Cornelia Parker
Edith Marie Pasquier
Richard Parry
Zineb Sedira
Yinka Shonibare

Filmed and edited by David Bickerstaff
Art360 Foundation

Art360 Foundation takes the lead in safeguarding at-risk cultural assets for present and future generations by investing in the skills and expertise of artists and estates. As an independent charity, they empower artists and estates to manage, protect and make accessible their lifetime’s work. Art360 are committed to stimulating greater public understanding and appreciation of the value contemporary and modern art brings to culture and society.

Supported by public and private funds and the expertise of their partners, they champion visual artists through a dynamic programme of education, research and events. Art360 Foundation was established in 2015 to meet the urgent needs of many visual artists and estates who need practical support and advice about managing their archives and legacies at a time of austere cuts to the arts. The Foundation raises awareness and builds evidence of the public benefits of safeguarding artists’ legacies across the wider arts and heritage working with key strategic partners including The Henry Moore Foundation, The National Archives, Art Fund and Arts Council England.

As part of the support program, Art360 Foundation offer the production of a short video highlighting their practice and approach to legacy. This process began with a pilot project called ArtThings in 2014-2015.

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