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For you, only you For you, only you For you, only you  

For you, only you
A project by Sonia Boyce

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Filmed and edited by David Bickerstaff
HD Video | 16:9 | 25 min 40 sec

This film records the making of a project by the artist Sonia Boyce called For you, only you, where she brings together the world of early Renaissance music with the contemporary voice of the Greek sound artist Mikhail Karikis.

Mikhail’s encounter with Josquin Deprez’s motet Tu solus qui facis mirabilia (You alone can do wonders), involves a deconstruction of the original score as the basis for a totally new piece of music. This composition imagines a dialogue between two characters: the voice of an old master and a contemporary troubled voice.

The former is sung by Alamire consort under the leadership of David Skinner and the latter is represented by Mikhail Karikis himself. The performance is filmed in the Chapel of Magdalen College, Oxford and finally presented in the form of a three screen video installation.

This film documents how Sonia Boyce works with Mikhail Karikis and David Skinner to develop the project’s core ideas and presents a single screen version of the first performance of For you, only you in Magdalen College Chapel.

For you, only you: A project by Sonia Boyce is organised by the Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art, University of Oxford in partnership with the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea, Locus+, Newcastle upon Tyne, Milton Keynes Gallery and the Model Arts and Niland Gallery, Sligo and with the support of Arts Council England and Magdalen College, Oxford

For you, only new For you, only you For you, only you For you, only you For you, only you For you, only you
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