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Kew Palace Kew Palace Kew Palace  

Kew Palace
Historic Royal Palaces

Audio visual consultancy and production by David Bickerstaff
Client: Historic Royal Palaces
Exhibition concept and design: Metaphor
Production house: Newangle
Audio: Pier Productions

Series of Projections and audio installations

Kew Palace was built in 1631 by City of London merchant Samuel Fortrey and once known as the Dutch House. It was later let by the Royal Family in the early 18th century and was famous for housing King George III during his years of madness. Three floors of the palace are open to public access, including - for the first time - the bedrooms of Princesses which have remained untouched for nearly 200 years.

An intimate audio-visual experience has been created that places King George III and his family at the heart of Kew’s story. Using surround sound and projections, images of the occupants, reflections, words and shadows appear and disappear as the visitor walks around the interior of the palace.

Kew Palace was shortlisted for the Gulbenkain Prize 2007.

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