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Artist, filmmaker and creative director of digital media for narrative environments

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Purple Planet Purple Planet  

Purple Planet
Cadbury World

Creative direction of interactives by David Bickerstaff and Sam Willis
Client: Cadbury World
Exhibition concept and design: Event Communications
AV and interactive production: Newangle
Software developers: HMC Interactive

Video, interactive floor, IR detection, 3D augmented reality and swivelling interactive screens.

Purple Planet is a fun and exciting interactive exhibition, where you can experience chocolate like you never have before. Chase a Cadbury Creme Egg, grow your own Cocoa beans and wonder in amazement as it rains chocolate.

Chocolate Infinity is a projected floor of chocolate where visitors can splash around in digital chocolate and unwrap Roses Chocolates by stamping on them. In Chocolate Rain visitors see themselves in silhouette with chocolate buttons falling over them, responding to their movements. Chocolate Factory is a swivel screen version of a maze game where the visitor has to get the cocoa bean from the African jungle to the shop.

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