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Theater im Glashaus

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HD | 16:9 | 27 mins 50 sec

A video project by David Bickerstaff and Blackhole-Factory

"Song" is a video collaboration between Theater im Glashaus, Blackhole-Factory (Elke Utermöhlen, Martin Slawig and Martin Kroll), and David Bickerstaff. The film is based on the play "Von Sinnen 1: mit offenen Ohren", developed by the same group. The scenes of the play were used for the filming and rearranged in the style of a newly combined music video. Volume and furious scenes alternate with solo sequences of touching intensity. The filming of "Song" took place in Braunschweig, Germany.

Theatre im Glashaus was created in order for artistically gifted people with intellectual disabilities to participate in cultural life and to provide a place to create, in which their own skills in the performing arts test, develop, and challenge the imagination of an audience. The group has its own working method, which makes their performances unique. Theatre im Glashaus is not therapy, but engagement with and the production of modern performing arts.

Performers: Gisela Schulze, Jacqueline Harborth, Magdalene Wrede, Susanne Gies, Arno Thoms, Francesco Zanotti, Frank Dettmer, Frank Harborth, Reinhard Dittrich
Assitant: Kristen Sonnenberg

Produced and directed by David Bickerstaff and Blackhole-Factory

Screenings for SONG
FILE 09, New Media Festival, Brazil - July 28 - August 10 2009


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