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Channel 14 Channel 14  

Channel 14
Collaboration with
Chris Wainwright

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SD | 5:4 | 7 mins 30 sec

Channel 14 is a video collaboration between UK artists Chris Wainwright and David Bickerstaff.

Running through London’s centre is the once majestic arterial river Thames.Channel 14 is the open radio channel used by boats on the river which is now a vastly depopulated stretch of tidal water with isolated industry and little commercial traffic other than that concerned with leisure. It is no longer a vital trade route and its wharves, warehouses and factories are rapidly making way for exclusive residential conversions. The apparent calm is misleading. This is a river in a terminal state as witnessed by its contingent and empty spaces.

List of screenings
Club Instabil, Braunschweig, Germany
7th Graz Biennial on Media and Architecture, Graz, Austria
CITY OF THE INVISIBLE - Grande Bibliotheque, Montreal
DESERT - 6e Manifestation International Video et Art Electronique, Montreal
FILE 05 - Electronic Art Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Tannery Arts, London

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