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Artist, filmmaker and creative director of digital media for narrative environments


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Selected Installation

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Politics of Design

Video installation for Vitra Design Museum, Germany, 2018
Politics of Design

Video installation for Vitra Design Museum, Germany, 2018
'Albert Dies' - Victoria Revealed
Video installation at Kensington Palace
Red House, National trust

Video installation in the house of the famous British designer William Morris.
Wayne McGregor Royal River Diagheliv Jubilee
Thinking with the Body
Mind and movement in the work of Wayne McGregor | Random Dance - Wellcome Collection
Royal River: Power, Pagentry and the Thames
25 metre long video installation for a new exhibition at the National Maritime Museum
Diaghilev: The Golden Age of the Ballet Russe
A series of diverse video installations for this popular V&A exhibition
Jubilee: a view from the crowd
Video installation using projection and gauze strips for a new exhibition at Kensington Palace.
Sky Backstage Bridge Weller Galleries Shakespeare
Sky Backstage
A large interactive wall where guests can create digital art by body movement and gesture
Tales from the Bridge
3D soundfield devised for the Millenium Bridge. Made in collaboration with Martyn Ware and featuring poetry by Mario Petrucci.
Weller Astronomy Galleries: Royal Obsevatory
A series of digital installations for the Royal Observatory
Staging the World

Large video installations for this popular exhibition at the British Museum.
Purple Planet Ice Age Art Kew Palace
Purple Planet
Creative director for a series of interactives for Cadbury World
Charles I - Execution
Banqueting House
Triptych video installation portraying the last days in the life of Charles I.
Ice Age Art: Arrival of the Modern Mind
Multiscreen video installation that recreates the experience of being in a paleolithic cave for the British Museum.
Kew Palace
sound and video installations for Kew Palace in the heart of Kew Gardens.
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